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Solutions to meet your everyday challenges

Innovative, practical and affordable all-in-one solutions helping leading organizations achieve more effective and enduring results.

The iTEK Difference
  • Tailored for the future of education. We strive to meet the needs and expectations of the education of the future allowing customized teaching solutions. The easy digital transformation of your classroom is one of our core beliefs. 

  • Sustainable affordable solutions. Long term affordable optimal solution for school districts looking for sustainable classroom technology.

  • Created for optimal education. Designed for the next generation of education by teachers for teachers to maximize creativity and collaboration in the classroom. 

  • Superior interaction and collaboration. Powered with updatable embedded Android. All-in-one system includes PC. (Standalone) Connectable to a classroom PC or Mac. 

  • Multitasking possibilities. Specialized educational proprietary multifunction white board, an optimal solution for teachers and trainers.

  • Adaptable to your needs. We understand that there is not a specific way of learning. Playing, watching, listening, talking, are all part of the creative learning process. Our solutions are ideal for this process to take place.

  • Every classroom and school is unique. We help you customize each classroom to meet the needs and goals of your teachers and students. Whether the students are in the classroom or connected online, everyone will have access to stay engaged and participate in a productive way.

  • Customize a synergetic environment. A dynamic classroom helps keep students engaged and focused, smoothing the learning curve and exploring endless possibilities.

  • Management and monitoring. As an IT administrator of a school an entire group of interactive systems could be fully and easily managed and controlled, allowing you to keep your technology running and up-to-date from anywhere and at any time.

  • Training and support. iTEK provides superb training for teachers including technical skills and use of our solutions. 


  • Simple solutions to meet the continuously changing challenges your teams have to face interacting, communicating and working together. 

  • Transform the way you do business. Tailored technology for your organization, creating flexible, and dynamic digital solutions.

  • Allow all team members to participate, stay engaged and contribute from multiple locations and countries. 

  • Video Conferencing and Collaboration "The Simple Way" Compatible with all mayor Video & Chat Software.

  • Our technology efficient display's accommodate different necessities and helps reduce cluttered working space's packed with  unnecessary and obsolete devices, optimizing the work flow.

  • Technology plays a fundamental part in modern hospitality,  iTEK brings to the table easy and practical solutions to assist guest's inhouse experience.

  • The utilization of digital signage opens new ways for Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and Hotels to communicate and serve customers needs.

  • Information and ordering touch display ,advertising and wayfinding panels make your business stand tall over your competition.

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