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Our "State of The Art" Classroom size Interactive Touchscreen Systems with  Windows OPS and built in Android OS. Outstanding and affordable solutions for  modern schools, colledges and universities.

At iTEKPanel, we strive to give you smooth and seamless interaction and collaboration "The Simple Way."

iTEK 86 4K "All in One" Educational System

  • The iTEK Interactive Touch Screen System has a full aluminium frame, side digital buttons, front 15Wx2 speakers, (IR) 20 Points Multi-Touch, Anti-Glare panel protective glass, front usb ports, Android 9 with smart writing tool , Windows OPS i5 3.2HZ 16GB RAM, 250SSD, 4K Video card, dual band Wi-Fi, 4 USB ports, 1 HDMI Port, 1 Audio Port, 1 Mic Port, Universal conector to panel

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